Fun With Flicks: The Incredible Petrified World

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May 20 10

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This 1957 "classic" comes from Jerry Warren, the director of "Teenage Zombies" and "The Wild World of Batwoman." And yet I am asking you to watch it. "Petrified World" stars John Carradine and Phyllis Coates (what, that doesn't sweeten the deal?) and tells the story of four unfortunates who sink beneath the ocean in the world's smallest diving bell, get lost in the world's boringest caves, and meet a man with the world's fakiest beard. It's all sweetened by haphazard editing and more stock footage than you can shake a stalactite at.

Josh Way provides commentary on the feature AND a brand new short: "Gossip." It's all yours for one low price. Order Now.

"The Incredible Petrified World" is offered as a VOD download.


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