Joe Santa Claus (1951)

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Dec 18 11

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Merry Christmas.  Peace on Earth, good will toward men.  Women, on the other hand, need to learn their place.  In what may be the most sexist Christmas movie ever, Joe Santa Claus tells the story of a man who runs away from his wife.  The woman did, after all, want to cook, clean, raise their child, and HAVE A JOB!  Their family was torn asunder by Mrs. Joe Santa Claus' determination to keep them out of bankruptcy.  Joe finally manages to find a way to keep his wife at home-- by becoming an illustrious retail associate and being fondled by the janitor.  Will Joe ever come to terms with his wife's devotion?  Will he ever go back to his family?  Will dinner be ready when he gets there? 

Find out in this holiday special so classic, no one remembers it!

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