I Riff Because I Love - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Sure, anyone can talk back to a bad movie and try to salvage some entertainment from it. But how many of you have the cajones to riff on a movie that you love and consider one of your favorites? That's the idea behind I Riff Because I Love. Sure, I'm entertained by these movies by themselves. But where's the harm in trying to add more entertainment by commenting on a harmless movie that can't defend itself? I'm glad you see it my way.

For this first endeavor, I've decided to focus on the first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre at the tender young age of five, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Loved it then, still love it 20 years later. However in past two decades, I've developed a unique sense of humor and have decided to unleash it upon this modern classic film.

STUMBLE! along with Eddie Valient as he drinks his way through the movie.

SHUDDER! in terror as you learn Judge Doom's actual sinister plot.

SCRATCH! your head at some of the obscure references.

But most importantly, ENJOY! I Riff Because I Love. Because all in all, even the movies we love need to be taken down a couple of pegs every now and again.

~Artwork graciously provided by Mike "Wigglycito" Irizarry~

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