Hor-RIFF-ic: Stephen King's IT - Part Two

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Hor-RIFF-ic Productions is proud to present the 2nd half of Stephen King’s classic made-for-TV epic -- IT.

Having been sufficiently tenderized by Cinester Theater in part one, Erin and Gary Slasher are set to devour IT’s remaining half. Mmmm....mediocre acting talent.

What can be expected from this creepy crapfest?

  • Cross-dressing corpses
  • Adorable fortune cookies
  • Brown Thrushes (Noooo!)
  • Sizzling Ritter/Curry action
  • Team disembowelment tryouts
  • Balloons, Balloons, BALLOONS!!!

IT’s long, IT’s disappointing, IT’s stupid, it’s IT!

The Slashers are hell bent on taking their revenge on any horror film that dares exclude them, even if they are 3 hours long.

Click HERE for Part One

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