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Apr 04 11

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Hor-RIFF-ic Productions rises from the dead yet again.  This time Gary and Erin have set their blood soaked sights on the spooky classic: Poltergeist!

Sure, it's a critically acclaimed box office smash produced by Steven Spielberg, but you think that will stop the Slashers?  They can k<censored by DreamWorks>s!

What did we find when we cleaned out this movie's creepy closet?

  • Evil Clowns!
  • Steak Marathons!
  • Horrible Parenting!
  • Gravity Fluctuations!
  • Psychic Leprechauns!
  • Puff...Dope...Bud...Chronic!

Plus: Enough Star Wars toys to choke a Wookie!

So follow the lights (not that one!) to the newest fan submission track that's guaranteed* to satisfy.  Now let's clean house!  Don't forget to rate and review-oooOOOooo.

Visit The Slashers' Evil Lair at www.Hor-RIFF-ic.com.

*Guarantee valid only in alternate dimension filled with strawberry jam.


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