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Apr 04 11

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The Slashers are back!  Gary Slasher - the madman of movie riffs and his wife Erin Slasher - the corpse of commentary.

Still bitter about not being accepted by the horror “in” crowd they have decided to take their revenge on Stephen King’s The Children of the Corn, Hor-RIFF-ic Productions’ 2nd victim.

This film gets plowed, picked, shucked, cooked, eaten, and oddly enough, passed straight through their systems.  Yep, this movie certainly doesn’t skimp on the fertilizer.  Just a couple of things to consider when considering this one:

  • Never go to Nebraska.
  • Not buying this track is forbidden sayeth the Lord!
  • Seriously, never go to Nebraska.
  • Profaning and unbelieving, all the cool kids are doing it.
  • If you’re already in Nebraska....get out now!
  • You might start referring to perfect strangers as “OUTLANDER!”
  • Western Iowa, Northern Kansas, Northeast Colorado, just stay away from the whole Midwest in general just to be safe.

BONUS: Special guest star -- Satan!  

Be sure to pick up this latest installment by the Hor-RIFF-ic duo that’s here to slay.  We promise it’s going to be a bloody good time. 

Oh, and be sure to leave good comments.  You want to keep those juicy brains, right? 

Visit The Slashers' Evil Lair at www.Hor-RIFF-ic.com.


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