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CORNJOB is back in GAMERA VS. MONSTER X!!  By this time, we pretty much know what to expect from a GAMERA film:  two Japanese guys in rubber suits fighting amongst cardboard buildings, while a couple of annoying kids shout “Gamera” over and over.  In other words, senseless—but  otherwise, harmless—violence.  After all, Gamera IS the “friend of all children”, right?  WRONG!  


     Since when does a “children’s movie” deal with such ADULT situations as sexual assault, unwanted pregnancy, forced abortion, and domestic violence?  As if this isn’t enough, GAMERA vs. MONSTER X also includes the long-awaited and much-anticipated…RETURN OF CORNJOB!!!  When an ancient statue is removed from a mysterious island, the evil “Monster X” (a.k.a. Jiger) is released to wreak havoc on Japan.  Beloved MST3K icon, Cornjob, must call on his old friend, Gamera, to save his young son and friends.  (Yes, this movie also introduces…THE SON OF CORNJOB!!)  But Monster X may prove to be Gamera’s toughest—and most definitely, STRANGEST—opponent yet!  


     GAMERA vs. MONSTER X will change everything you thought you knew about Gamera, and will likely scar any children brave enough to watch it for the rest of their lives!  But, hey—it’s got CORNJOB, so it can’t be all bad!




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