CFTP Live! - Sisters of Death

iRiff Commentaries created by our fans!

We do these live recordings every other week and put them up... for free... on YouTube.  Because we can.  So the "sample" link is actually the link to the entire movie.  If, after reading that, you want to be awesome and give us money for this anyway... please, for the love of Cthulhu, yes.  


From our website,

The Movie:
Sisters of Death is a horror/revenge/slasher film featuring a bunch of moderately attractive women who don’t undress or have sex with anyone on camera.  At all.  It really looks like they should, it’s that sort of movie and it’s from the 1970′s, but aside from one partially obscured view of a naked back, there is no nudity or anything in this movie.

The Backstory:
The second in a series of experimental “LIVE!” Riff using Google Hangouts.  We picked this movie because it was one we hadn’t seen a few thousand times, so the riffing might be spontanious and fresh.  The movie… was anything but.
This movie has a genuine celebrity in it – the perky annoying girl was the voice of Wendy (of Marvin and Wendy infamy) on the Super Friends cartoon.

May 30, 2012 - Live on a Google Hangout

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