Cinemasochism - As Boys Grow

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Jun 08 11

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Health Class. The smells of foot odor, musty air and stale Cheetos. Taught by a teacher who would rather be off practicing their putt-putt golf game or their blow-up doll then teaching 13 year olds about the facts of life.

However, as bad these memories might be for us, what if that same teacher was acutally bubbling over with excitement over teaching his charges everything about hard-ons, masturbation and money shots? One who was as free and easy with a “bad touch” as he was with describing the skin conditions of teenage boys?

Well, that is what we get with the disturbing 1957 short, “As Boys Grow”. Guaranteed to scar and also guaranteed to put any modern-day P.E. teacher’s name straight on the Sex Offender’s Registry in no time flat.

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