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Jul 20 11

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In the ARGH!-ly 1950's, to the television viewing public's great delight, an ent-ARGH!-taining TV series called The Buccaneers came into being. Then many decades lat-ARGH!, that series went into the public domain, much to the s-ARGH!-ow of that same public.

In this episode of The Buccaneers, titled Blackbeard, I riff like a pirate. ARGH!

In addition to the juvenile appeal of repeatedly adding ARGH! to words that don't really wa-ARGH!-ant them, there is the matter of a particul-ARGH!-ly childish series of riffs based on a single line of dialogue referring to "sea men".

If you ARGH! looking for riffing in its highest and purest form, then continue y-ARGH! search elsewhere. You'll find nothing of the kind here, laddie. But if you ARGH! looking for a riffing project full of sea men, then you ARGH! in luck, indeed.

This should be pol-ARGH!-izing.


Sea men.

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