Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - The Party's Over

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Aug 11 10

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  • MPEG4

Ringing phones.  Is there anything more pleasant?  How about a Robert Altman explosion?  Now I have your attention?  Good. 

The Party’s Over, a touching piece of cinema letting the dunderheads of 1970s America know they should probably wear their seatbelt instead of using them as makeshift water pipes, or whatever people in the ‘70s did.  It’s brought to you by Bell Systems, so there’s the ever present ringing of a phone in the background. 

But, where else are you going to see Jim Henson and Rainn Wilson hanging out?  No where, that’s where.

This is a VOD presentation, with the short and riff pre-synced, ‘cause that’s the way I like to treat you.

The reviews are in!

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