Big Bunch of Doug Shorts - A Day Called 'X'

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Aug 11 10

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The Cold War. What a time. When a plywood desk could save you from a nuclear blast and people who stood in line for toilet paper were out to destroy your very day of life. And add into the mix the excitement of Portland, OR and you’ve got yourself a hum dinger of a story. A+B=A Day Called X. The lovely and beautiful Glen Ford narrates a story about what one city does when the Evil Empire attacks. Filmed with not real actors (not that you could tell, sarcastic eye roll) aka the real people of Portland and complete with warnings that the short is just a simulation so you don’t have to worry about crapping your pants! Join Doug (Orwellian’s Nightmare Society) on this VOD (the short and the riff come pre-synced so it doesn’t log down your PC) goodness. Plus, it’s 30 minutes, which is three times the length of a normal short for the same price!

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