Best Friends B-Movie Bonanza presents "Deadtime Stories." PART I

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May 20 10

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 What's that?  An entire 90+ minute show for only $1.50?  That's right!  Matt and Jon from Philistine Productions present "Best Friends B-Movie Bonanza!"  For this first episode, they have chosen the 80's video legend "Deadtime Stories," a drive-in style anthology kinda like "Creepshow" without any of the qualities that made it good.  It's like "Tales from the Darkside"meets "Growing Pains," served with a side of jellied-Quarterflash. Join Jon and Matt, two guys who love sweaters and bad movies, as they swallow a triple dose of 80's camp.


Also, one of the actors in the movie was briefly on "Family Ties!"  Isn't that great?


*The episode has been split into two parts to maintain picture quality.  Hey, it's still cheap.

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