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Nov 22 10

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Gumby (an apparently sentient glob of snot) decides to go prospecting in the mountains and takes his incredibly racist pal Pokey along. After finding either a large gold nugget or a chunk of radioactive waste, Gumby and Pokey Limbaugh are captured by INJUNS (not Native Americans but stereotypical, unflattering facsimiles) who plan to burn them at the stake without once questioning how clay has somehow come to demonic life.

Join mister X as he tries to comprehend the materialistic lust of Gumby, the festering cauldron of hate that is Pokey Imus and why the original inhabitants of this country didn't just let the pilgrims starve...

*NOTE: this VOD doesn't really contain explicit content per se, but since Gumby is rated "G" and I'm prone to saying 'b*tch' at the drop of a hat I decided to err on the side of caution.



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