Atomic Treatment: Gateways to the Mind w/ short: Fitting Faces

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Aug 27 10

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In 1958 curious young minds wondered; how do we know the things we know?  Does the human brain look like the Batcave?  Where does the innate human fear of clowns originate?   And most importantly, how can we get out of classwork in third period Social Studies?  Fortunately, along comes this "Gateways to the Mind" to solve all of these problems, a seemingly impossible task.  Oh sure, much of the information and “science” is outdated to the point of uselessness but it gives us, more importantly, a real feel of the tedium that young learners of the 1950’s experienced.  It's like you're there man!  Enjoy with my own commentary.  

Additional short included! “Fitting Faces”, not just the name of a fringe kink website, explains in more detail than you can possibly imagine how your reading glasses are made with such extreme care that you should buy several high priced models and treat them with holy reverence.

Runtime: 1 hour, 2 minutes

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