Atomic Treatment: Bookkeeping and You

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Aug 27 10

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Another in the long line of Coronet films teaching young baby boomers about how to be responsible.  No, you won't see the adventure of "What to do on a Date" or the dramatic performances of "Shy Guy" but what you will get sir is a decent helping of dry as sawdust talk talk and more talk about keeping up with your expenses and costs and just kill me now.  Despite Coronet's best efforts we still got the housing crisis.  Thanks boomers!  I'm gonna be honest, this was the most boring painful short I have tried to riff so please buy it.

On a personal note, I took this one on despite it's unceasing blandness just to help fill in the unriffed Dick York shorts.  Collect 'em all!  Don't forget to rate, give feedback and tip your waitress.

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