Atomic Treatment: A Christmas Without Snow

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Apr 04 11

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Hey do you like choral music? I mean REALLY like it? Do you enjoy watching the choral society sing on your local cable access channel but find yourself wanting more behind the scenes access? Well look no further friends. Someone in 1980, possibly while coming down off a full night of cocaine and disco dancing, thought of your concerns and made "A Christmas Without Snow", a made for TV movie in the days before cable when the lack of competition made this the default choice for non-sports fans on Christmas Eve afternoon.  Starring Michael Learned of 'The Waltons' fame, you can follow what must be one of the most depressing Christmas stories since the Little Match Girl.


A divorced woman joins a choir. That's it. That's the story. Oh and gobs and gobs of choral footage.

This is the first iRiff in my new 'enhanced commercial break' with vintage commercials to give you that real feel of being half asleep with the TV on in 1980. Enjoy and remember to rate and leave feedback!

This is a VOD with commentary and video combined.

Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes... roughly 55 minutes of which is choral performance.

The reviews are in!

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