ART - Kung Fu Panda

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Chris Wolvie's sole purpose in the Animation Ripping Theater (or ART for short) is to destroy beloved (and a few loathed) animated movies.  This time, it's Dreamworks' CGI tale about a big, fat, misanthropic sociopath...who voices a kung fu-loving panda.  See how Po goes from a huggable, morbidly-obese noodle shop worker with his duck a huggable, morbidly-obese kung fu master through the verbal abuse of a red panda master and five anthro animals who are no help whatsoever.  The voice talent is aplenty: Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lui, David Cross, Randall Duk Kim, Seth Rogan, Ian McShane...and Jackie Chan embarrassing himself again.  W-wait...a panda with a DUCK for a father?!  I've been drunk...but never THAT drunk!!

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT - Just because the FILM is PG-rated doesn't mean the WORK is.  This is not for the kiddies.  This is for the grown-up children who suddenly realized that their cherished childhood memories weren't all that great.  As such, this Work contains many an innuendous comment and quasi-harsh language.  Parental discretion is adviced...though not expected, really.

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