28 Weeks Later (by Jared and Zach)

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The zombies have returned! I mean, the Infected have returned!  Get ready for the sequel that asks the tough questions--questions like "How many times does security have to fail catestrophically for a zombie outbreak to be a viable threat?" and "Are people with heterochromia really more important than the rest of us?"

28 weeks after the Rage outbreak from 28 Days Later, London is under quarantine and being repopulated. But suddenly, the quarantine is broken by a couple idiot kids. Then, quarantine is broken again by an idiot janitor.  Pretty soon, everyone's breaking quarantine and it's up to a ragtag group of misfits to find the cure and get out of London alive, all in time for the prom!

Get ready to run for your life in the worst London tourism video ever, and remember, quarantines are there for a reason.

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