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Our new short Goodbye, Weeds is a product of a different time, a time when a commercial for weed killer wasn’t just something you waited impatiently to click “Skip” on so you could get to a YouTube video of a puggle farting in its sleep. Far more than that, Goodbye, Weeds is a 17 minute film, complete with animated segments, actual Hollywood actors doing their best imitation of the Thin Man movies, gigantic plantation-style homes and a lush golf course. You can almost feel the hand of Don Draper behind it all (warning: do not actually feel the hand of Don Draper, there’s no way to know where it’s been).

But there’s still one thing plaguing the perfect life of this obviously wealthy “middle-class everyman” - that most treacherous of beasts, the common yard dandelion. But not for long, because the greenskeeper at our man’s country club has some advice - grab a big metal cannister and drench every inch of your property in Weed-No-More! It’s safe for dogs, kids, heck you can stir it into your Yoo-Hoo if you want!

So dig in to a lawn care commercial with a bigger budget than the last three Air Bud movies and join Mike, Bill, and Kevin in saying Goodbye, Weeds!

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Release date

June 6, 2013


18 minutes

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