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Washing your hands after using the restroom - most of us only do so because a fellow co-worker is in the bathroom with us, and we wonder if he'll tell other people if we don't. But evidently, we should be doing this even when a co-worker isn't there. It's a "Good Health Practice." Another example is eating fruits and vegetables instead of gorging on sweets.

This too, is usually the type of thing one starts doing only after noticing that your pile of empty Milk Dud boxes is drawing stares from your co-workers. But it's also a "Good Health Practice." Yes, for some reason, "Good Health Practices" was recently made mandatory viewing for all employees here at RiffTrax. The delightful tale of Jim and Judy learning how to lead healthy lives has really caused us to turn a corner. We have more energy, sleep better, and the Milk Dud boxes have been arranged into a whimsical structure resembling a tortoise.

Mike, Kevin and Bill are here to riff what may be the finest childrens Health Film since "Three of The Bobbsey Twins Get the Plague."

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October 24, 2008

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