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Let us start by saying that Ghost Rider is the greatest movie ever made. The acting, direction, top-notch storytelling and awe-inducing special effects add up to what can only be called the most amazing achievement in the history of cinema.

Please note: we are being forced to say this by Satan. You see, a few years ago we sold our souls to the devil so that Chad Vader would become famous. The Dark Lord kept his promise…but the Devil always gets his due, and we are now forced to reap the bitter fruits of our infernal alliance by watching and riffing the unholy turd known as Ghost Rider. Did I say unholy turd? Sorry, I meant the greatest movie ever made.

Joining us is Nicolas Kage, a man who bears a striking resemblance to Nicolas Cage. Same person? A spawn of the underworld sent to torture us? Only Peter Fonda knows for sure.

NOTE: This riff corresponds to the bloated 114 minute version of Ghost Rider, NOT the really, really bloated 127 minute version. The 127 minute version contains lots of additional footage, which is just too scary to think about. You can find the 114 minute version at Amazon and elsewhere. If you are watching the Netflix version, don't--it's the wrong version.

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