Ghost Rider

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Kevin is the new kid in class, and he’s got typical teenage problems. His mom obsessively hoards coffee pots and his dad has an insane inability to live without garlic salt. Oh, and he’s haunted by the ghost of a fellow student who died horribly in a bus accident last year.

Rather than do the obvious thing and blackmail this ghost into destroying his enemies, Kevin takes the opportunity to learn all about bus safety. The first thing he learns? Always buckle your seatbel-... What’s that? School buses never have those? Really? Kind of seems ridiculously negligent, doesn’t it? Has anyone ever figured out why that is the case?

Fortunately for Kevin, there’s a terrible bus accident and the driver is likely killed. He’s thus able to demonstrate all the lessons he learned, which include pointing in a general direction for people to exit the bus, and instructing kids to bend their knees when they hit the ground (as opposed to locking their knees and shattering their fibulas, as kids instinctively tend to do.)

Will Kevin be rightfully mocked and pantsed for his devotion to bus safety? Is emphasizing their own likely death the best way to teach children proper bus exiting techniques? Will Nic Cage urinate a stream of fire? Tune in to Ghost Rider and find out!

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Release date

March 5, 2013


15 minutes

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