Flatliners (Cole Stratton and Janet Varney)

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Is there life after death? That's what sexy, sexy, sexy med students Nelson, Rachel, Joe, David and Randy* want to know. Through a series of medical experiments, they put each other under to see what's out there—and what follows them back. A growling Keifer Sutherland, permy Julia Roberts, non-dancing Kevin Bacon, testosterone-y William "Billy" Baldwin and foppish Oliver Platt team up with director and fan of the crane shot Joel Schumacher to bathe us all in constant blue light and test our collective patience. Yes, the film that we all remember was nominated for an Academy Award for BEST SOUND EDITING finally gets a RiffTrax ribbing from previously flatlining riffers Cole Stratton and Janet Varney (Where the heck have we been, anyway?). Today is a good day to die—from laughing? (We hope!)

*Not so sexy. He's played by Oliver Platt. But...um...brains are sexy, right? RIGHT?

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July 19, 2012

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