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If an eccentric millionaire were to offer you a large sum of money to you spend a night in a haunted house, you might think to yourself, "How did I wind up in an episode of Scooby Doo?  Or perhaps a Simpson's Halloween special?  Or any one of the countless other TV shows or movies that have employed this hackneyed plot device?"

But every cliche has its origins somewhere, and House on Haunted Hill may be the very first movie where a random assortment of guests are summoned to a haunted house.  In this case, the haunted house just happens to reside in the Haunted Hill district of town, and it's presided over by a ghoulish master of ceremonies played by Vincent Price.  Murder, mayhem and a giant skeleton marionette all ensue.  Fortunately, three of the guests at this party are Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of and Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame, on hand to heckle the House on Haunted Hill!

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