29 November 2010

Here at RiffTrax we have two goals: to offer you the finest and funniest commentaries available anywhere – and to bake the tastiest whole-grain breads, rolls and muffins made from only the choicest organic ingredients. Admittedly, we’ve fallen far short of the second goal. In fact we have yet to even purchase an oven, let alone learn how to bake. Instead, we’ve concentrated on the commentaries and so far, people seem to like them (except that one guy – you know who you are…)

In order to make the Riffing process as easy and fun as possible we offer our commentaries as convenient MP3s, as opposed to any format encumbered by Digital Rights Management. We also intentionally kept the price low to make them easily accessible. As a small company, we rely solely on sales of these commentaries (at least until we debut our baked goods).

The point is, we realize there are times when you may find yourself in possession of a RiffTrax that you didn’t pay for (hey, it’s the internet – it happens.) All we ask is that you do the right thing so that we can keep bringing you quality riffing for years to come.

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