Dinosaurs: The Age of the Terrible Lizard

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Dinosaurs! They were fearsome! They were hulking! They were evidently quite poorly drawn!

Yes, dinosaurs once ruled the earth, and if you need any information about them, you are welcome to consult the hundreds, if not tens of thousands of movies, tv shows and books on the subject. Should any of those fail you, any given seven year old boy can likely deliver a PhD level dissertation on the subject, though they may get distracted during the part about the Pteranodons if there are Oreos nearby.

So, it’s safe to say, that there was no reason for the brief, hideously animated short Dinosaurs: The Age of the Terrible Lizard to exist. This did not stop two men, whom the short would have you believe are actually named Witold Giersz and Ryszard Slapczynski from writing and directing it. The narration has all the trademark Slapczynski touches, while the directorial flourishes are classic Giersz.

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they travel back in time to the age of the terrible lizard and try not to affect the future in terrible unforeseen ways, such as all taking the last name “Slapczynski”.

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May 3, 2012

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