Corky the Crow

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What child wouldn’t want a wild crow as a pet? a question you might sincerely ask if you had never encountered children or crows before. Crows, the repulsive, squawking harpies of the suburban skyline! Crows, the chosen pet of that drunken buffoon Uncle Billy in It’s A Wonderful Life!! Crows: where do they go at night? Nobody knows, and that’s the most terrifying thing of all!!!

But when one family’s attempts at warding off the sinister black hearted beasts fails (because their scarecrow is less intimidating a Cabbage Patch Doll*), they decide to do the only logical thing and flee the harbingers of doom. No, of course they don’t; they devise a crude trap to capture it. It works almost instantly, presumably because this is exactly what the crows want to happen.

After a couple weeks of feeding the crow beans** in its cage, they name it Corky and it becomes a lovable member of the family. But then...! Everything turns out alright actually... Except for a teacher that on a scale of “ladylike” to “very mannish” ranks as a “deluxe Eleanor Roosevelt”, who swoops in after it wraps up to harangue the elementary school children that watched this short about what they learned about crows.

Mike, Kevin and Bill learned that they should stop every short before the haranguing begins.

*So, still quite terrifying

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Release date

December 7, 2011

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