Surprisingly, not a biography of Björk, Damaged Goods is a cautionary tale about a couple of young men who go on a harmless adventure in search of beer and girls and end up finding exactly that! Unfortunately they are lured off that wholesome path by the seductive siren song of something called a...
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Apr 29 2009
The follow-up to the smash hit "Primary Safety: In the Three Mile Island Cooling Tower", Primary Safety: In The School Building starts with a catchy name and builds from there. Personal injury lurks everywhere in our nation’s schools, and while any hipster with an ironic "Runs...
Average: 4.1 (47 votes)
Apr 24 2009
During the Swing Parade craze of the 1940s, it was hard to turn your head without encountering a Swing Parade.  With the popularity of Swing Parades soaring, a full length motion picture was inevitable.  Unfortunately, the film we got was clearly rushed out to capitalize on the Swing...
Average: 4 (7 votes)
Horror!  Romance!  Spine-tingling suspense!  Carnival of Souls will make you long to be watching a movie that contains any of these things!  In fact, you'd probably settle for a movie that contains a discernible plot.  Instead you get lead actress Candace Hilligoss,...
Average: 4.9 (14 votes)
Long before we got to the moon and realized that there wasn't really much to do up there, man dreamed of finding an exotic, exciting new lunar world!  Missile to the not that world.  Instead, it portrays the moon as a cross between the salt flats of Utah and a low budget...
Average: 4.8 (6 votes)
If you set out to create the worst movie you could imagine, what would be your second step (we're presuming you've already hired Cuba Gooding, Jr. as the lead.)  Maybe to cast a 300 pound Swedish wrestler as LA Police Chief? Make some flying saucers out of tinfoil and string? ...
Average: 5 (7 votes)
If an eccentric millionaire were to offer you a large sum of money to you spend a night in a haunted house, you might think to yourself, "How did I wind up in an episode of Scooby Doo?  Or perhaps a Simpson's Halloween special?  Or any one of the countless other TV shows or...
Average: 4.5 (10 votes)
You and Your Family. Much like gunpowder and an open flame, combining the two is not recommended (especially if mom's been drinking.) But every now and then a scenario arises where you must remove your iPod’s ear buds, emit a contemptuous, full-bodied sigh and actually interact with your...
Average: 4.2 (40 votes)
Apr 17 2009
RiffTrax was caught up in the Twilight frenzy, and not surprisingly, given that we are staffed almost exclusively by 13 year-old girls. So when we heard rumors of the feature film—the whispers of John Goodman being cast as Edward were especially worrying—we sent so many texts beginning...
Average: 4.8 (1118 votes)
Apr 21 2009
Only one film dared to confront the twin menaces facing America during the 1980s—terrorism and aggressive male-pattern baldness—and that film is Die Hard. So it's fortunate that I'm writing about that particular movie, or something would seem to have gone terribly, terribly...
Average: 3.1 (59 votes)
Apr 10 2009
By overwhelming popular demand (Kevin thought it would be a good idea) Rifftrax proudly presents The Rifftones and their first collection: Music for Riffing. Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mike Nelson, the same golden throats (may not be actual gold) that brought you all those marvelous songs on...
Average: 4.9 (12 votes)
Your favorite sand-phobic, midichlorian-rich super villain is back! And this time his capes are even more fabulous, his thigh-high Uggs resplendent like never before, and his burnt chicken head cloaked in the shiniest plastic helmet yet! And if that wasn't enough, Mike, Kevin and Bill are...
Average: 4.5 (257 votes)
Apr 14 2009
  Carnivorous Plants!  Like Wii Boxing, they're one of those things that instantly becomes 1000X less cool the moment you bring it home and try it out.  Rather than quickly earning their keep and chomping down on your neighbors annoying labradoodle, your carnivorous plant...
Average: 4.2 (59 votes)
Apr 7 2009
Now that marijuana (aka "reefer", "bud", "stick", "whoopie doopie", "happy grass", "tingle weed", "Abe Lincoln", "the halt", "muffin", "chew", "altoid", "the Fonz", "little...
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Also available as a RiffTrax LIVE Imagine being holed up in a filthy dilapidated building, surrounded by pale-faced hollow-eyed creatures, unable to call for help, while before your eyes zombie-like beings commit the most unspeakable acts. Yes, a night of performance art at your local coffee house...
Average: 4.3 (19 votes)
Fans of shops of horrors will love this nostalgic look back, before the days of the massive chain stores, and big box horror shops. In the old days, horror shopkeepers gave you the personal touch; they knew your name, asked about your kids, were always ready with a smile... before killing you,...
Average: 4.5 (11 votes)
Apr 3 2009
  It's the most important decision you'll ever make: should I eat the rest of this BK Stacker, or just trust my vague feeling of nausea and quit while I'm ahead? But put that aside now and let's talk about the third most important decision you'll ever make*: should I go...
Average: 4.2 (39 votes)
Apr 3 2009
  Ah, beer. Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, chief nourisher in life's feast! (We think that's what the Swan of Avon was referring to...) Beer provides everything the human body needs—if anything, what little it lacks can be made up with regular doses of...
Average: 4.3 (53 votes)
Apr 1 2009
  Pop quiz hotshot:  Your father tells you that your grandmother has fallen and badly hurt herself.  What do you do? Like most of us here at RiffTrax, you probably answered "Call an attorney to jump start the inheritance process."  Well, this self-centered attitude is...
Average: 4.4 (35 votes)
Mar 28 2009
  What happens when a public television studio realizes that it has to spend $2,000 of government grant money before Wednesday in order to qualify for full funding for the next fiscal year?  You get Your Chance to Live: Technological Failures!  Obviously thrown together in a matter...
Average: 4.5 (67 votes)
Mar 24 2009
  It's a question we ponder every time we tip the pizza guy: How much affection? Is it necessary to set the box down before embracing him?  How long do you hold him, knowing that he has other deliveries to make? Can lower tips be compensated for with more affection?  How Much...
Average: 4.6 (58 votes)
Mar 20 2009
PLEASE NOTE: The commentary will only correctly sync with the Legend Films version of the movie, available here. Most carnival going experiences follow roughly the same pattern: some trouble-maker suggests it and, due to alcohol use or lack of personal will power, you ignore the...
Average: 4.3 (82 votes)
Mar 3 2009
  "You would like to play with Donny and Duncan." So the narrator for Playing Together confidently tells us, and we have no reason to doubt him. But as the minutes pass it becomes clear that he may have been overselling Donny and Duncan just a bit. Donny, as it turns out, has...
Average: 4.6 (49 votes)
Feb 27 2009
  Just speak the word "jaws" to anyone and their pulse quickens, the hair on the back of their neck stands up as a dim memory rises to the surface of their consciousness - a memory of the first time they saw Murray Hamilton. Most likely it was in an episode of B.J. and the Bear, or...
Average: 4.4 (169 votes)
Feb 24 2009
  More than a decade before Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and The Other Guy actually landed on the moon, Missile to the Moon made giant leaps for both man AND mankind with its daring portrayal of how the first lunar voyage might play out.  It turned out to have gotten a lot of the details...
Average: 3.9 (77 votes)
Feb 17 2009
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