Many times we find ourselves mocking the content of the educational shorts we feature here at RiffTrax.  Most of the time it is quite deserved; if you will recall, not too long ago we did a short entitled Buying Food.  But occasionally we'll stumble across one like Geography...
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May 28 2010
 Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they exact their revenge on the safety and educational films you were forced to watch while your substitute teacher slept in the back of the classroom. THe guys serve up their signature brand of rapid fire, laugh-out-loud commentary over such classics as Contance...
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May 25 2010
Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they guide you through such cinematic masterpieces as The Case of Tommy Tucker, an instructional safety short that takes the brave and unprecendented step of sending its young hero to "Safety Hell" where he must argue his way out! Join Bewitched star Dick York...
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May 25 2010
Reading: for now, it is the only way to experience the approximately four remaining books that have not been made into movies (three, after this summer's CGI heavy adaptation of Frog & Toad are Friends. Sam Worthington will play both title roles.) So you'd better be sure that your...
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May 21 2010
 Every now and then you meet a child who forever changes your perception of how stupid a child can be. There's your second cousin's boy, Leon, who spends summer afternoons black-widow-huntin' in the woodpile. Or little cross-eyed Margie, with her affinity for drinking liters of...
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May 18 2010
We all have a certain summer memory.  One that we find ourselves fondly reminiscing over as the days get longer and hotter.  A memory of a different time, when we still retained our childlike innocence, but possessed a desire to stretch our wings and explore the world around us. These...
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May 11 2010
Widely considered to be one of the five or six best Harry Potter movies, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire is a breath of fresh air for a series that desperately needed one. Casting aside the familiar tropes of the first three movies in favor of bold new innovations such as Quidditch...
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May 14 2010
The Families series of shorts is a beloved franchise with many proud, vital installments. Some other favorites: Families: Food and Failure, Families: Lies & Videotape, and perhaps most popular of all, Families: Dead and Loving It. But true connoisseurs, those with the...
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May 7 2010
Reading. Like it or not, (and as a people, we've cast a resounding vote for 'not'), it's something most of us have to do every day. Whether it's selectively combing news stories for the portions of them you agree with, figuring out what your $1.14 in change can buy you from the...
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May 4 2010
 Cats have a come a long way lately.  They "hung in there", indeed, on the wall posters of America's cubicles.  And now they are widely acknowledged as the foundation of the entire internet, and thus all modern culture.  Remove the cats, and you're left with...
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Apr 30 2010
Can genius be taught? It is one of the great philosophical questions. With enough time, patience, and dedication, can the next Van Gogh be created? Or is the mastery of an artistic discipline something that only a few people are born with the inherent capacity for? The producers of the series ...
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Apr 27 2010
By now, everyone knows the story of how Avatar single-handedly changed moviemaking forever.  Its visionary director (whose name escapes us, you know the one, he's that guy who didn't win an Oscar this year) proved that progressive films can succeed in today's marketplace...
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Apr 22 2010
pol·ter·geist [ pølter geíst ] (plural pol·ter·geists) [Mid-19th century < German, "noisy ghost"] noun  Definition: 1) noisy spirit: a supposed supernatural spirit that reveals its presence by creating disturbances, e.g. by knocking over...
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Apr 15 2010
 Do you hate stuff that's designed to save your life?  Does the inconvenience of having to flip the safety off your handgun before you use it to open a beer bottle drive you INSANE?  Do you snicker and point at children wearing bicycle helmets, contemptuous of their willingness...
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Apr 6 2010
Without knowing who Mr. Moto* is, you're probably slightly confused about why you would want to watch him take a walk.  "I can watch Mr. Jensen, the bald guy four doors down, take a walk anytime I feel like it," you say. Yes, we all know Mr. Jensen.  He carries a...
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Apr 2 2010
Aquarium.  Translated literally from the original Latin, it means "boredom box".  Every day, thousands of aquariums are completely ignored by passersby in our nation's dentist offices and Chinese restaurants.  They are also popular suicide destinations for little...
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Mar 30 2010
For years, the skunk has been the butt* of many a joke in pop culture. Due to our society's inherent anti-skunk bias, roles for these malodorous mustelids have been hard to come by. Pepe Le Pew is the go-to guy if you need a skunk in your picture. This is in spite of the fact that he is A) a...
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Mar 26 2010
Kids love to play games.  It is an indisputable fact, much like the existence of former Yankee outfielder Oscar Gamble.  But for a while, the only two games kids had to play were "Push a Hoop with a Stick" and "Hide Benjamin Franklin's whiskey."  For obvious...
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Mar 23 2010
What do ice-skating reindeer, pipe-smoking santas and a parade of aquatic champions have in common? You’ll see them all in the RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza! The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000® have a sackfull of delightful and demented shorts to riff...
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Mar 17 2010
Twi-Hard. A once proud word that has been shockingly cheapened by over-use. It used to mean something. These days, any given twelve year old girl with Team Edward wallpaper on her iPhone can be the star of a "Vampire Fever" cover story photo in USA Today. It's not right. Just because...
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Mar 19 2010
What do ice-skating reindeer, pipe-smoking santas and a parade of aquatic champions have in common? You’ll see them all in the RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza! The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000® have a sackfull of delightful and demented shorts to riff...
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Mar 10 2010
Lindsay Lohan's meteoric rise to fame, and subsequent collapse in the glare of its harsh spotlight, is just a recent iteration of a tale as old as time. Many are quick to judge her, but in a world where the lines between tabloid news and honest journalism are increasingly blurry -- excuse me?...
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Mar 9 2010
Call It Free Part 2 continues the madcap service station antics that viewers of Call It Free Part 1 demanded More, More, More* of! All of your favorite characters are back. Herb (not a woman). Jerry (not a woman). Hank, (astute viewers will recall that Hank is a woman.) But...
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Mar 5 2010
There are some conversational topics that most men will avoid at all costs. Guessing a woman's age, Barbra Streisand's Yentl, and the appeal of Justin Bieber rank high among them. But there is one subject that rises above even these, one issue guaranteed to turn even the proudest male into...
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Mar 2 2010
For the past four months, there has been a gaping hole in Thrift-related RiffTrax content. After the release of American Thrift Part I, Thrift lovers everywhere were high and dry, left to wonder, much like Lost fans, whether or not the show's creators had an ending in mind the whole...
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Feb 26 2010
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