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Instructional shorts are no longer just the things that you were forced to watch in silence by hungover substitute teachers! Now they’re a foundation for hilarity when Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, of Mystery Science Theater 3000® and® team up to heckle...
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Remember the instructional films your teachers used to show you whenever they wanted to sneak out for a smoke, or just nap in the back of the classroom? They're back! Only this time Mike, Kevin and Bill are there to exact revenge with their signature brand of hilarious running commentary! Yes...
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During the Swing Parade craze of the 1940s, it was hard to turn your head without encountering a Swing Parade.  With the popularity of Swing Parades soaring, a full length motion picture was inevitable.  Unfortunately, the film we got was clearly rushed out to capitalize on the Swing...
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Horror!  Romance!  Spine-tingling suspense!  Carnival of Souls will make you long to be watching a movie that contains any of these things!  In fact, you'd probably settle for a movie that contains a discernible plot.  Instead you get lead actress Candace Hilligoss,...
Average: 4.9 (14 votes)
Long before we got to the moon and realized that there wasn't really much to do up there, man dreamed of finding an exotic, exciting new lunar world!  Missile to the not that world.  Instead, it portrays the moon as a cross between the salt flats of Utah and a low budget...
Average: 4.8 (6 votes)
If you set out to create the worst movie you could imagine, what would be your second step (we're presuming you've already hired Cuba Gooding, Jr. as the lead.)  Maybe to cast a 300 pound Swedish wrestler as LA Police Chief? Make some flying saucers out of tinfoil and string? ...
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If an eccentric millionaire were to offer you a large sum of money to you spend a night in a haunted house, you might think to yourself, "How did I wind up in an episode of Scooby Doo?  Or perhaps a Simpson's Halloween special?  Or any one of the countless other TV shows or...
Average: 4.5 (10 votes)
Now that marijuana (aka "reefer", "bud", "stick", "whoopie doopie", "happy grass", "tingle weed", "Abe Lincoln", "the halt", "muffin", "chew", "altoid", "the Fonz", "little...
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Also available as a RiffTrax LIVE Imagine being holed up in a filthy dilapidated building, surrounded by pale-faced hollow-eyed creatures, unable to call for help, while before your eyes zombie-like beings commit the most unspeakable acts. Yes, a night of performance art at your local coffee house...
Average: 4.3 (19 votes)
Fans of shops of horrors will love this nostalgic look back, before the days of the massive chain stores, and big box horror shops. In the old days, horror shopkeepers gave you the personal touch; they knew your name, asked about your kids, were always ready with a smile... before killing you,...
Average: 4.5 (11 votes)
Apr 3 2009
You, friend, could use some shorts. Why not take ours?! We offer you shorts about safety, hygiene, and the difficulties of relating to women. Bite-sized nuggests of hilarity featuring the merry three, Mike, Kevin and Bill, refreshing themselves in the cool waters of their youth. Aahhhh... This DVD...
Average: 4.4 (38 votes)
Nov 17 2008
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