Basic Job Skills: Handling Daily Problems

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If you have Daily Problems at your work, the humanitarians at Coronet Films are here to help you Handle them.  And assuming that most of your problems center around how ugly your 1970s co-workers are, this is just the film for you!

We'll meet a nurse living out a real life Grey's Anatomy, with the part of McDreamy being played by "Dan"*, someone who cannot have ever been taken seriously by anybody.  Then step into the shoes of a successful restaurant manager, who packs in the customers every night of the week despite sounding like a creepier version of serial killer Jame Gumb.  Finally, we'll Shake Hands with Cattiness at a construction site where terrible facial hair threatens to undermine all we hold dear as a nation of free people.

Basic Job Skills - Handling Daily Problems won't teach you anything new about how to act at work, but it may make the woman in the cubicle next to yours who hums the theme song to "Denver The Last Dinosaur" and calls her cats on the phone three times a day seem a bit less irritating in comparison.

*We're pretty sure Dan is Reggie from Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care of Your Own Things all grown up.

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Release date

January 11, 2011

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