Adventures of a Chipmunk Family

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Who among us doesn’t love a good adventure? A chance to escape our routines and stimulate our minds and reinvigorate our sense of fun. Yes, there’s nothing like the thrill you get from emerging from your burrow, nervously looking around, and perhaps grabbing a nut before darting back underground to huddle amongst your brothers.

What’s that? Not exactly how you define adventure? Something more along the lines of travelling, camping, whitewater rafting? Well, I apologize. I didn’t clarify that I was using the definition of adventure as found in the latest RiffTrax short Adventures of a Chipmunk Family. It’s packed to the brim with adventures, if you consider expanding the series of underground tunnels that the chipmunks live in in preparation for winter to be an adventure.

Also, a weasel shows up. You know what, we probably should have mentioned that first...Forget everything you just read and remember this: weasel.

Mike, Kevin and Bill tried to weasel out of riffing this short until they realized there was a weasel in it. Just wanted to emphasize that, yes, there is a weasel in this short. Weasel.

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Release date

July 5, 2011

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